Leadership Development Curriculum

This E-Learning Leadership Development Program is a self-paced and flexible curriculum that is centered on small group interactive discussions, has a project-based learning focus to build problem-solving skills and encourages creative engagement.

The curriculum also creates a platform for building knowledge of countries, cultures and peoples of Classical Ethiopia and Africa that are rarely touched on in traditional classrooms today.

Youth Leadership Development Training Goals

  • Prepare successful leaders within middle school, high school and college, and for all those young at heart

  • Understand Biblical/Christian perspectives on leadership

  • Solve problems creatively

  • Develop foundational sense of Self-Confidence

  • Learn about the little known history of Classical Ethiopia and African Global History

How Does It Work?

There are 2 Project-Based Learning Model Courses that correspond to the Travel Educational Book Series - The Musical Adventures of Saint George and the Hidden Empire.

 Check them out here!

 Course #1 The Musical Adventures of Saint George: Introduction to  Leadership 

We introduce the 7 Principles of Leadership as a foundation and delve into the concepts surrounding what great leadership is all about!

 Course #2 The Hidden Empire Series: The Art of Leadership

We put the principles and concepts we've learned into practice, reading, exploring and learning from the Travel Educational Book Series to see great examples of leadership from Classical Ethiopia and Global African History.

Capstone Project

Work with Mayor Jane to solve 4 community problems facing her cool smart city - Sofala. Apply the skills learned in The Musical Adventures of Saint George: Introduction to Leadership and The Hidden Empire Series: The Art of Leadership.

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction to Leadership

    • Introduction to Leadership

    • Le Chevalier de Saint George

    • What is Leadership?

    • Time to Meet Two Famous World Leaders

    • Introducing His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I of Ethiopia

    • Introducing U.S President John F. Kennedy

    • What You Need to Know To Be A Great Leader

    • CONCLUSION - Let's Chat About Leadership