The Hidden Empire

Classical African and World History

Welcome to The Hidden Empire Series, a Classical African and World History curriculum for children, 8 years old and higher and for adults who love to learn and travel. Our approach is to examine the people, places, art, music and technology of Ancient African cultures and civilizations up to the period known as Slavery and Colonialism. Our content focus is on two main areas: The Monomotapa Empire of Southern Africa and the true biography of  French Classical Music Composer Joseph Boulogne born on the Caribbean Butterfly Island of Guadeloupe

The Monomotapa Empire was based in the southern part of Africa in today's country of Zimbabwe. This empire has an over 3000-year ancient history whose influence touched every continent - from Europe, the Americas and Asia. It was known in ancient times as Upper Ethiopia and was famous for its gold, military and kings. 

We explore The Monomotapa Empire and its relationships with India, Egypt, Ethiopia/East Africa, Arabia, Portugal, Great Britain and France up until 1891. It's a Hidden Empire, because although its reach and influence was far-reaching, its history, peoples, cultures and contributions are barely touched upon in African History or World History courses today!

What's included?

8 Videos
8 Quizzes
9 PDFs

The Hidden Empire Series is for children 8 years old and higher. It's a great addition to your homeschool curriculum or as a self-study class on Classical African History before the period of Slavery and Colonialism.

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